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Garage Door Maintenance

Let’s talk about your garage door maintenance Airdrie needs. Shall we? We only guess that you like to schedule the maintenance of your garage door in Airdrie, Alberta. If this is true, tell us: do you want to sign up for a regular program? Or, do you want to book garage door maintenance service just this one time?

In spite of what you decide to do and what you want, Garage Door Repair Airdrie AB is at your service. Tell us the when and the where, and a local pro will be there to inspect and maintain your residential garage door in Airdrie.

Garage Door Maintenance Airdrie

A closer look at garage door maintenance in Airdrie

Now that we have established the very fact that our team is available for Airdrie garage door maintenance services, let’s take things a step further. Shall we? As you know, such services are preventive. The whole point is to catch issues before they get a chance of growing and fix them so that the garage door will run well. In the meantime, there’s a need for lubrication. After all, lubricants dry out and get stiff in the cold weather. But the garage door parts get damaged when there’s no layer of lubricants to protect them. Briefly, there’s a list of must-do tasks to keep garage doors working well, noiselessly, and safely. And so, maintenance services involve several steps.

  •          The pros start the job with garage door inspection. All parts are inspected thoroughly, from the tracks and the springs to the pins and the rails.
  •          With experience in garage door troubleshooting, the techs detect flaws and problems and fix them.
  •          They also run tests – they test the garage door balance, the travel limits, the force – all things. And if some garage door adjustment is needed, it’s done on the spot.
  •          It goes without saying that they remove debris and old lubricants, making sure all parts are clean, especially the tracks. And they lubricate as needed.
  •          All big parts are checked and fixed, as required. All small components and fasteners are checked too. If there’s a need to tighten hardware, the pros do so then and there.

This is an overview of the service. We like to assure you that in spite of the type, brand, and age of the garage door, the techs have the experience to carry out the service to a T. Since the benefits are plenty, why don’t you schedule at your home in Airdrie garage door maintenance and see how it goes? Something tells us that you will want to sign up for a regular plan.